What is Nādi palm leaves?

Several thousand years ago Sapta Rishis or Seven sages wrote down what will happen in the future with their disciples and other people. These predictions were written in Sanskrit on palm leaves, as they were better preserved. That’s why they are called also as "palm leaves". 

The leaves have been passed down from generation to generation. Approximately every 500 years these leaves were rewritten. Over time, they were translated from Sanskrit and written down in poetic Tamil. When the British came to the territory of modern India, palm leaves fell into their hands. Part was destroyed but the remaining leaves were bought and saved by Tamil raja family.  

At this the moment the original palm leaves are located in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Over there palm leaf readers master the art of interpretation and learn to translate what is written in the poetic Tamil. Nowadays they have opened their offices in various cities of India where scholars of Nādi read the fate of people written on the palm leaves. Approximately every 6 months they take the palm leaves back to the central library in Tamil Nadu and replace the with others. So, if someone did not manage to find their palm leaf at the first time, he/she can try to do it at another time.

As a lot of people have already found out unfortunately there a lot of fake going on in India. Fake healers, astrologers, ayurvedic doctors etc. And there are many fakes in this area too. Therefore, if you go to India by yourself in search of your palm leaf, try to find out as much as possible about a particular reader from the people for whom he read palm leaves before. And be sure that during the process of your leaf search you are not sharing too much information by yourself. In the perfect case scenario you should answer only Yes or No to anything read during the leaf search.

Shri Nirmal Raj, with whom we are collaborating, is a fourth generation palm leaf reader. When I visited him back in 2007, my leaf could not be found. Then I returned more than a half a year later in 2008 after some serious mantra and meditation practice. Then I finally found my leaf! 15 years have passed since then, and now I can look back at what has came true and what not. And I can say that aprox. 80% of what was written came true.

The search process

  • The first step is to make a photo or print copy of your thumb impression. For men it’s right hand thumb, for ladies – left. Our thumb impressions consist of several lines, called – rekhas, and dots. So based on these rekhas and dots the bundle of leaves is searched.  
  • When the bundle is located we can start for particularly your palm leaf. In one bundle there are leaves of people who have similar lives, lot of in common.  
  • The process goes in the way that we set a video call with India. We can use Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp or any other mean of video communication. During the call the Nādī reader reads the statements written on the leaf. And you just answer Yes or No. If there is Yes, he keeps reading till finds the leaf where all the statements are correct. If any of statements are not correct, he skips this leaf and proceeds with the next one.  
  • Statements are related to you, your parents, kids, spouse, career, education, horoscope details.  
  • For example: Your name is John, you have a medical degree, you have an older brother and a younger sister, your wife's name is Anna, your father is a construction worker, your mother's name is Juliet and she works in a hotel, in your horoscope Chandra (Moon) is in Mithuna (Gemini), your date of birth is June 7, 1977 etc. When all the statements match your Nādī palm leaf has been found. Congratulations!

What's next?

After the leaf has been found, the palm leaf reader reads information about your current life, future and the next life! This information is divided into chapters corresponding to the bhavas (houses) of Vedic astrology. All information is written by 2-3 years basis till the end of your days. All of this is divided in 12 chapters relating to Jyotish/Vedic astrology bhavas/houses. And there are also additional chapters related to previous life, upāyas/remedies, spiritual growth, health and medicine, and politics.


1st - general information about the person, about work, children, relationships, future.

2nd - money, eating habits, diet, family life.

3rd - siblings, brothers, sisters, willpower.

4th - movable and immovable property, transport, house, mother.

5th - children, creative activity, investments.

6th - illnesses, accidents, work.

7th - relationships, life partner.

8th - longevity, serious illnesses, spiritual quest, time of death.

9th - God's blessing, teachers, father, higher education, luck.

10th - professional activity, work, business.

11th - income, friends, second spouse.

12th - expenses, travel and living abroad, next life.

13th/ Shanti - past life, actions to be taken to eliminate its influence on this life.

14th/ Diksha - rituals, pujas, homas to be performed in order to make life easier and happier.

Gnana chapter: more detailed description of spiritual growth, actions to be taken to grow spiritually, holy travels etc.

Aushada chapter: serious health issues and specific medicine to be taken to cure them.

Dasha chapter:description of the events of the particular dasha/period.

Political chapter: political career opportunities.

Ready to proceed? What’s next?

If you feel that you are to get onto the path of mind blowing experience here is how it’s going to happen: 

  • Take a photo of your big finger print. For men it’s right hand, for ladies – left one. Make sure the structure of the lines are seen clearly. To make it so, keep your phone camera in aprx. 10-15 cm / 4-6 inches distance.
  • Send this photo via whatsapp or e-mail. You can find them in the contact details. But anyway here they are as well: 
    Whatsapp: +37122136450
    E-mail: lapins.kristaps@gmail.com
  • After receiving your photos and making sure they are sharp enough, will send them to Nādi reader to India. So he can start search of the bundle.
  • When the bundle is found we set the video conference call with you. Usually we use Skype or Zoom but can use other options as well if it’s easier for you.
  • During the video call we will do your Nādī leaf search. Statements will be given in English. Sometimes it might be hard for some people to understand Indian English. But no worries I will help with that.
  • The all process of the leaf search may take up to 2 – 2,5 hours. Please, keep that in mind when we will set the time for leaf search.
  • When the leaf is found it will take around 1-2 weeks to do translation and interpretation from Poetic Tamil to Tamil and English. This will be an audio file. To make it easier for you to understand all details we provide also English transcription. Please, give as 1-2 weeks for this job to do. And it’s included, there are no additional fees for this.
  • Talking about fees. You pay only when your leaf is found. In an upset situation when we couldn’t find your leaf, you don’t pay nothing. If you’re one of the chosen ones and you have found your leaf then you pay the fee for the chapters you have chosen.


The costs for the Nādi palm leaves readings you can find here.